So, what DO you eat?

Quite often when I have a conversation with someone about food and I share that I am gluten and dairy free, I get the question “So, what DO you eat?”.  I had this same thought when I made the transition. I couldn’t get my head beyond meat, vegetables and fruit….and that struck me as really boring at first.  However, I started to poke around on the internet and found some great sites and blogs that share my interest and post GREAT recipes.  I have learned to start simple. I won’t run out and buy bison…….but I am working my way up to it.  Really, I am. I am just not in any hurry. I don’t know why that is a stumbling block. The first Americans lived off buffalo and bison.  So why does it make me a bit squeamish?  Well, honestly, it’s all in my head. Just like getting into a new routine of eating seems hard, but really, it’s just all in your head.

We eat by routine. We only tend to try new things when someone we trust introduces them to us.  But once we find something new, for example kale, and we like it, we tend to add it to our routine.  What am I saying?  I am asking you to get out of your own head and make some changes.  You don’t need to over think it, just do it.

So, what do I eat?  Mornings are typically a plate full of roasted veggies and eggs or my left overs from dinner the night before.  I will make almond flour scones for my kids once a week too.  Last night I splurged and made gluten free banana muffins with a few chocolate chips.  But more often than not, I am eating a meat (or eggs) and vegetables in the morning with my cup of coffee. Lunch is typically a different meat and different vegetables.  I love sauces and how they can completely change a meal.  My favorite is “The Best Stir Fry Sauce Ever” from the cookbook, “Well Fed”.  If I am really in a pinch, I will grab lunch meat and wrap it around some sliced peppers and keep on truckin’.  Dinner? I love a big salad and protein. But more often than not, I am cooking up something my kids will eat.  We love Mexican food and that’s an easy one to keep gluten/dairy free.  I am always trying to add more fish to my menu too.  Blackened salmon or mahi mahi is super easy and always delish.

You can find some of my favorite recipes on my Pinterest board.


Best advice I can give, is have fun! Be open to trying new things. Look at your food as fuel for your incredible body.  What are some of your go to meals?

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