Aiming for better, not perfection

Have you ever heard the phrase “the pursuit of perfection is a form of procrastination” ?  I wish I knew where I heard it first, maybe it was Marie Forleo who said to me first during my time in B-School.  At the time the phrase was helping me get my health coaching business moving, but this week it is applying to my menu planning.  Yes, menu planning.

For the last few weeks my family has been eating like, well, crap.  We’ve had more take out in the past two weeks than I care to admit.  Yesterday, I realized I was avoiding menu planning and prepping because I felt like what ever I made someone in my family would turn their nose up to it.  When did I become the “I need to please everyone” person?  Agh!  That is a frustrating way to live!  In my pursuit of providing clean meals for my family in a perfect way, I lost sight of what matters most…..eating home cooked meals that mostly give what I aim to provide for my family.  Yes, it’s that simple.

I love to cook and try new foods.  With the exception of my oldest daughter, the rest of the crew would rather eat the same ole’, same ole.  So, I went back to the basics and to my planning.  I chose 4 meals that I knew we would all eat and made them all yesterday within an hour and a half.  And guess what, they weren’t anything fancy because I realized I was procrastinating in my pursuit of perfecting the family meal that everyone would love and devour. (By the way, I believe that that meal does NOT exist…..I am so over it!).

What did I make? you ask….Simply: Chili, Chicken Fajita’s in the crock pot, Meat burritos, and what I call “KFC made at home” chicken fingers.  I also made some fantastic gluten free tortillas. I use almond flour and gluten free flour at our house and substitute dairy with coconut or almond milk.  My kids have much happier tummies without dairy and seem to be less agitated without the gluten. I’ll make my veggies and add at the time we eat.  I have some plans for roasted broccoli and yummy cauliflower soup!

You can find some of these recipes on my Pinterest board “Made and Loved”.  I just created this board as a place to keep my recipes that I know we liked (for the most part) and were easy enough to whip up in a short amount of time. Check it out:

“Made and Loved”

So, throw out that pursuit of perfection and STOP procrastinating.  We’re aiming for eating better and being better…..never perfect…how boring would that be!


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