When you think about “getting healthy” or “getting in to shape” do you feel overwhelmed and defeated, even before you started?  Yeah, I get that.  That was me too.

How about you just pick one thing? One thing that can make a big difference?  Could you commit to doing just one thing for a week?  Two weeks?  One month?  Just one thing.  That’s it.  Studies have proven that by choosing to focus on one thing to add or change in a daily routine participants enjoyed much more success than those who chose more.  It’s when we try to change everything all at once that we set our selves up for failure.  How about we give ourselves a hand up and JUST CHOOSE ONE THING?

Think of this effort as standing on the shore of the beach.  You’re going to skip a rock across the water.  My bet is that you don’t spend all day looking for the best rock to throw in. Rather, you just lean down, pick up a rock and toss it in.  You watch the ripple effect of just that one rock.  That ONE rock makes an impact on the water all around it sending tiny waves in all directions.  Your one thing can do the same for you and your wellness.

What is your one thing?  Well, that will be different for each of you.  It could be eating a breakfast that includes protein. It could also be drinking water with every meal. Perhaps it’s adding fish oil to your daily routine?  Whatever it may be, choose it, do IT.  Not a million different things, just IT.

What’s my one thing that I am focusing on right now?  Mine is being mindful of my stress level and relaxing my shoulders.  That’s it.  December is a busy month for us already, but add in holidays, family and friend gatherings and Christmas concerts and my shoulders are soon up to my ears.  (Breathe in, breathe out).

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on for your ONE THING.  Email me at impactnutrition4life@gmail.com to share your comments, or leave them below.

All the best,


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