When your child is sick. Really sick.

You know when your child becomes ill, you feel bad for them and do what you can to help them recover quickly.  Whether they are battling a cold, a fever, or heaven forbid, the dreaded flu, us parents step in and do what we do to help our child come back to good health….and back to school. (Just being honest here).

My oldest daughter had always struggled with stomach aches starting in about 3rd grade.  She would often refuse to eat breakfast.  I tried everything to get her to eat in the morning. Nothing seemed to work.  She struggled in school and it was recommended that she was tested.  They told us that is was ADD.  We followed their advice and put her on medication.  Unfortunately, medication was not the answer and the diagnosis wasn’t correct either.  Fast forward several years and our daughter doesn’t take any ADD medication but her stomach aches have now morphed into getting physically ill.  Feeling that perhaps this was brought on by anxiety we tried different methods and coping skills to help her muster through.  Again, this didn’t help her much and the symptoms persisted and over time got worse.In 2014, our daughter got sick. Really sick.  To the point she wasn’t participating in her social life, unable to eat most days until late in the day when her immense hunger forced her to eat.  Most days she spent lying in bed resting because she was so wiped out.  I decided to take her in to the doctor once again to see if we could get anywhere. I won’t forget that visit. She had lost so much weight, the doctor noted her grey tone and finally expressed some concern.  But once again, I was told to blame anxiety. However, something just clicked in me at this visit. I had had enough and needed to fight for my daughter’s health.

As I drove home and started to recount the last several months and how my daughters’ eating had taken an extreme plummet and noted how severely it was effecting her life.  Sometimes gradual change just doesn’t scream at you like a sudden one.  Once I started putting her history all in perspective I became afraid.  I called the doctor back and  insisted on more tests and that I wasn’t going anywhere until we had something scheduled.

We had labs called in the next day.  This was the beginning of the puzzle coming together.  We saw many doctors and our poor girl went through so many tests both locally and in another state at a specialized hospital.  The tests all came back “normal” with the exception of finding candida in her esophagus.  With med’s in hand for the candida infection, we were sent back to our home town and told to hope for the best.

This answer wasn’t good enough for me.  I began digging into anything I could that related to her issues.I needed to know WHY she had candida in her esophagus and WHY was she so sick!  Soon I came across leaky gut and it’s description.  It could have had my daughters picture next to the description. It was exactly what she was suffering.  Leaky gut is caused by inflammation in the gut lining which is caused by food allergies or intolerance, stress, antibiotic over use, and more.  I was desperate to help her. At this point, our daughter threw up most days and was wasting away to nothing.  I called her G.I. specialist to tell her what I found and she agreed.  I moved forward with a gut healing protocol, removed gluten and dairy from her diet and within 5-6 weeks my daughter started to eat breakfast.  BREAKFAST!  This kid never ate breakfast due to always feeling the worst in the morning.  Why hadn’t her diet ever been mentioned before?

Luckily we were able to figure out what was ailing my daughter. But I often wonder about those who don’t look at their nutrition as a culprit for their ill health.  I believe that for many, many illnesses, this is where we should begin. And this is why I became a health coach.  I want the public to know how powerful nutrition is and how it can impact your well being, your productivity, your life.

Food isn’t just for it’s taste. Food can weaken, destroy and deplete. Food also has the power to heal, inspire and energize. My daughter is living proof of this.  Discover the power of nutrition.  See what you can do to impact your health.


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