_____day. Prep Day.

What day is your prep day?  What is a prep day, you ask? Its a day when I take an hour and a half a cook up 3 to 4 proteins and chop up my vegetables I’ll use during the week.

Today is my “prep day”.  After all of our usual Sunday routine (church,laundry,family time) I prep food for the week. I have found that the weeks I don’t prepare for are the weeks we end up eating out, or just snacking. Some weeks I try new things, some weeks I do the same old, same old.  This week coming up promises to be quite busy so I have a crock pot of carne asada steak (from Paleomg.com) cooking that will cover a few meals (a dinner and some lunches), garlic lemon chicken, tuna salad and turkey/sausage meatballs.

I have a lot of people say it’s hard to eat well because they don’t have the time to cook.  I understand the crazy schedule we all carry.I know it can be hard to find an hour sometimes.  However, I do know that if you can change your mindset to one that supports proactive behavior to support your nutritional success, you’ll find the time.  So, what day is your prep day?  ___day? or ____day?  It doesn’t matter which day, just one that works for you.

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