Bathroom etiquette

How do I say this? I am not sure how to broach this topic without “crossing the line” or grossing you out, but it must be said.  ” How are things going for you… the bathroom?”.   No, really. What happens in there is a HUGE clue to what is happening inside your body.

It’s worth paying attention to your urine and bowel movements as its one of the communication tools your body has with you.  Is your urine dark or light?  Odorous or non offensive?  Do you go often or only 1 or 2 times during the business (school, or what-have-you) day?  Do you have headaches often?  If you only go once or twice during the day and notice an odor from your darker colored urine, your body is screaming for more hydration.  Hydration come from water…..not from soda pop or coffee….but good old fashion water.  Studies have shown that most Americans are somewhat dehydrated.  Is that do to lack of intake of water or your diet?  It could be both. I challenge you to drink more water. It will improve your energy level, alleviate headaches, and make your time in the restroom a bit more pleasant.

On the other end of things, you should be experiencing smooth, torpedo shaped bowel movements at least once per day.  Anything loose,or small, multiple deposits along with constipation all signify that your body doesn’t get along with what your putting into it.  Loose stools may commonly indicate a food intolerance.  Small, multiple deposits or constipation can indicate lack of fiber (think vegetables)and dehydration.

Want more information? Read the article from Experience Life here.

I know we’re just getting to know each other, however, knowing good bathroom etiquette from your body is a must!  Go grab yourself a glass of water and drink up!

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