Fat. The Good, the Bad and the Skinny



In years past the USDA (1990’s) issued the food pyramid that was to guide our choices in our foods.  The majority of  your food intake was suggested from grains, then fruits and vegetables, then milk and meats/proteins, then fats/oils/sweets (yes, they were grouped together like this).

They made some tweaks along the way and then re issued “My Pyramid” and completely eliminated fats from their suggested daily food and even called it “Steps to A Healthier You”.  Ergo all of the high carb diets and low fat marketing from the food industry. In 2011, they USDA decided to scrap the whole pyramid and come up with “My Plate” with gives a better idea of what your plate should look like…..but AGAIN, totally ignored fats as part of the suggested diet.

I am here to tell you that consuming GOOD fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts, fish oil, seeds, coconut oil) will greatly enhance your health.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Dr. Mark Hyman has put together The Fat Summit that is online and FREE.  The summit is a gathering of several professionals who have researched and seen first hand the benefit of eating good fats.  Staying away from the bad fats (vegetable oils, canola oils, and trans fats) helps keep you healthy.  High trans fat intake is linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, lymphoma, increased liver cholesterol synthesis and can diminish your blood vessel function and processing of nutrients (*Source: Precision Nutrition and New England Journal of Medicine).

But enough from me.  Check out the professionals at The Fat  Summit and get the skinny on what good fat can do for you! Click here to get connected.

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