What you and MSU basketball have in common

Missing the game winning shot….at the buzzer


You know the feeling. You’ve worked hard all week.  You watched what you ate and drank your water. You even worked out once or twice this week.  But at the end of the week, you’re not seeing the results you wanted.  That is like MSU men’s basketball this past week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not dishin’ on Tom Izzo and his Spartans, because I absolutely LOVE Tom and his team (and everything else Spartan).  However, when watching the past few games and feeling the frustration of losing at the buzzer made me feel like I had when I did “everything right” nutritionally yet still came up short at the end of the week.



How do you tweak your game so you finish strong?  How can you make sure to hit that game winning basket?

First of all, I believe in the 85-15 rule.  Which means, 85% of the time, you are on point with your nutrition intake and exercise. However, you allow for 15% of the time for “cheat meals” or what ever you choose.  This topic is about those stretches where you believe you are on 95% of the time, and not reaching your goals.  So, what gives?

Go watch some game film. That’s what Tom Izzo and his Spartans are doing. How do you do that? Keep a food journal for 5-7 days. Right down everything you eat. EVERYTHING. It’s time to get real with  yourself.  And I suggest, you do this MORE than 3 days like is suggested in every other guide.  I believe you can be well behaved for 3 days (the first half of the game) but it’s when you relax about keeping a food journal the honesty comes.  This is where you can find out why you’re not coming out with a win.

Are you skipping meals? Not eating your vegetables? Staying up late each night? More talking at the gym than sweat? What are you eating?  How are you sleeping? Are you exercising til you break a sweat? Are you working on  your game?  One thing I know for sure, Tom will have his Spartans work this week and tweak where they have missed. You can too.  Break out the food journal and get real with yourself.  See if you can’t identify why you’re missing the shot.

Want an assist this week?  Contact me at impactnutrition4life@gmail.com



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