What you talkin’ ’bout…..Oprah?

What’s all the hype about bread?


Have you seen the new commercials where Oprah talks so much about bread that you feel compelled to run to the nearest bakery and scarf down a loaf?  She claims she lost her latest weight AND was still able to eat bread. Wow! What a feat!

Personally I see this type of commercial as push back to all the low carb diets that are wildly popular right now and the genius behind marketing the opposite of what is in the minds eye of the public.  It’s a proven marketing theory. Then to put a famous person like Oprah as your front woman….well,  you’re going to make some bank.  But, there’s just one (or several) problem(s) with her commercials.  She still stresses counting calories and she still promotes using all your will power.  She neglects to mention that a lot of breads have a higher glycemic index than table sugar. In addition, Oprah’s message combined with the misguided advice from the USDA to continue to keep grains as a main part of your food consumption, just sets you up for failure. But hey…you get to eat BREAD!!!! Just this morning, I saw a segment on eating pizza to lose weight. The “professional” commented that maybe it IS possible to eat pizza for every meal and lose weight because it’s all about the calories. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

OK, I am just being obnoxious now, but I want you to listen real carefully here.  Oprah is playing on the public’s weakness.  All the popular diets (paleo, low carb, whole 30) discourage eating bread……which makes you want it more.

You can’t have chocolate!…..now you want some don’t you?

See, it’s the take away. Tell someone what they can’t have and Voila! They want it. Now, seeing this, Weight Watchers and Oprah are dialing in on this and making a big deal that you can lose weight AND eat bread. Amazing, isn’t it? Oh, did I mention that Oprah dropped 43 Million to buy 10% share of Weight Watchers in coordination with her new commercials. What a coincidence!

What if we looked at this weight loss craze a different way? What if losing weight was a side effect rather than the main goal. What if the main goal was to obtain optimum health? (We’d coincidentally lose weight by making good choices on how to feed our body).  What if we educated the public how food really works in our bodies? (i.e. eating quality fat helps our cell membranes absorb the nutrients of what we eat, or that sugar feeds cancer) What if we put gardens in EVERY SCHOOL and taught our kids at a young age the important role our food plays in our lives, health, and national security? Truly. And what if we could share the information that if you eat real food you really don’t have a place for counting calories?  And no one needs to buy shares to promote this simple knowledge….because it’s just plain common sense….or at least it used to be.

Don’t get played. Take some time to remember what real food is, how it keeps you healthy and strong, and remember how delicious it really is. Don’t have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, then by all means, eat bread with the knowledge that it contains a higher glycemic index than table sugar….( this is sarcasm, don’t eat bread other than for a treat). For me, I splurge on Trader Joe’s gluten free bread when I have a craving….but it is not what I focus on.  Rather, it’s something I use in a pinch or as a treat. But you know what I DO focus on? Real food that came from a farm….not what some super star is trying to sell me. Need more information? Check out the blog by Dr. William Davis from Wheat Belly.

For those Oprah fans, don’t get me wrong. I actually like her and admire how she built her empire. Kudos to her for rocking her business. I just strongly disagree with her relationship with food. She just doesn’t have it right.

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