Truth Be Told

i have a little secret…


I am so addicted to TED talks and webinars given by M.D.’s about nutrition and diet that I get up early some most mornings just so I have time to tune into my “show”.  I appreciate the internet for the capability it gives us to access SO MUCH information.  This morning I listened to 2 M.D.’s talk about Type 2 Diabetes and how conventional medicines guidelines have it wrong.  Yup, you read that right.  Two doctors claiming that the establishment that educated them and gave them their degrees after years of hard work, is wrong.

Huh, kind of crazy, right?  Not really. I see it as medicine growing by leaps and bounds. I note all the studies that are coming out in droves showing drastic improvements in the subjects using methods that were once considered “unconventional”.  It’s like a blood hound finding the scent of the fox again after losing it a mile or two back.  It’s exciting!  So what does this all mean for us?

Confusion. That’s what it means!  We are now given information that says “You know how we’ve been telling you to do THAT for the last 20 years? Well, don’t do THAT anymore, do THIS”. Uh, ok?  Hmm, I need to do some research. And that is how my fetish of watching, reading and researching medical talks, webinars, papers and books came to be.  I believe in all this information there has to be a common thread of truth.


Thus far into my journey I have found the following to be a nugget of truth in all the M.D.’s presentations, papers and books. Some doctors say that eating high fat content is the truth, others say it’s eating a vegetarian diet, eat grains or don’t eat grains, and even others say eat high protein to cure what ails you.  So what is it?

Eat real food to avoid and/or reverse disease.

That’s it.  Simple. And SO THRILLING!

Can it be that easy? Can it be that if we just ate food that didn’t come in packaging that we can truly avoid many diseases and chronic conditions?……actually, yes.  WOW!  Now, don’t miss this just because of it’s simplicity.  If you need complicated to believe this could be true, here it is.  It’s not just changing our foods, it’s changing our mindset.  It’s changing how we look at food and seek it out. It’s changing what we believe is ok to consume, how foods are grown, how our food industry markets to us, how we educate our children. It is also about changing how the medical field approaches their patients about their health.  It’s about creating a HEALTH system, not a “SICK” system which we currently have. This truth is about changing behavior…and that, my friend, is complicated.  But not impossible.

So how does this work for you? That’s the other bit of truth I have discovered from the talks/books/papers/trainings is that each one of us is wonderfully and fearfully made…differently. We are all just a tad different than those around us so that what works for you, may not work for your sister, or your son, or your daughter, etc. Knowing this to be true and that eating real food can prevent and reverse disease to be true the power lies with you, the client (or should I say patient). Listen to your body when you eat.  Pay attention to how your baby reacts to real food once you begin to introduce it. Observe how your school aged child reacts to certain foods.  Remember that what is often considered normal is really just common….not normal.  Note if you feel bloated, have stomach aches, gas, headaches, fatigue etc. And note what you ate prior to those feelings.  Your body will tell you what foods are best for you and what foods you should avoid. (Of course, there are medical test you can request from your doctor as well to help determine further if you have an allergy/intolerance you should request if you suspect this may be your situation).

So, truth be told. Eat real food. Listen to your body. Keep it simple.

What changes have you made for yourself or loved ones? What changes have you noticed? Leave a comment below and start the conversation.


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