Tired? Eat a steak

I am a bit of a coffee fanatic! But I am trying to reduce my intake a bit as I may have been getting a bit over zealous.  Ok, A LOT over zealous. Meaning I was consuming up to 5 to 6 cups a day. Rather than going to it for a kick or just pure enjoyment, I found I had to keep drinking my coffee through out the day to avoid the caffeine crash that followed.

Now as I sit here today, feeling exhausted (had a very small lunch due to schedule….and lack of unpreparedness), I debate having a cup of joe. However, I now know that I can boost my energy in a whole other way that is much more long lasting and beneficial. I eat more protein.

By eating more protein, which I obviously didn’t today as proven by my “I’d love to take a nap right now” mentality, I have more energy. I don’t experience the afternoon crash and my mental focus remains in tact. I have purposely chosen to increase my protein intake at lunch and not as much at dinner.  This way, I can continue to work through my day with out the added caffeine.

That’s today’s tip. Sometimes it’s just an easy solution.  Feeling tired? Eat a steak (or your preferred protein). Let me know how it works for you!

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