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POWER NUTRITION coaching can be delivered in person, over the web, or in a group via the POWER LUNCH presentations in your office.

What is the POWER LUNCH presentation?

Do you operate in a high stress environment?  Do you feel sluggish and worn out? Do you hear your employees and/or co-workers use words like “tired, overwhelmed, run down”? Are you seeing the effects of this affecting your office productivity?

What if you could change how you and your office feel with just a few small changes?  How would it affect your office culture? How would it impact your productivity?

Let me introduce you to “The Power Lunch”. A concept born out of the experience of “feeling run down” on a daily basis to making a few small changes in nutrition and seeing the positive impact an individual’s daily production as well as an entire office. Invite Christine to present to your office for one “Power Lunch”.  You’ve heard of lunch and learns, right? The Power Lunch is the same concept except with long lasting effects.  Christine will come and give a rejuvenating talk to your entire office. Through her experience and training as a certified health coach, Christine will bring a few nuggets of wisdom to get your office on board for a 3 week long office challenge. Through those three weeks, your staff will be asked to make a few small changes to their nutrition routine resulting in more energy and better focus in the work place.

The impact?

Better productivity in your office, a positive environment, and a happier you and employees.

Whether you are ready to start with small changes with big results in person, or as a group, CONTACT Christine TODAY!   Be sure to include “Free Power Lunch” in your message.


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