There’s yellow dye in pickles?

Seriously, this was the article I read this morning on  She actually listed the top ten reasons why people begin to read labels and change what they eat. This was in the top five…..they have ruined pickles.  I always knew that there were dye’s used in food and kind of was aware that the dye wasn’t so great for you…but I didn’t pay much attention.  That was until we finally put together why one of my kids was struggling to sleep on some nights and not on others.  It wasn’t just the “I don’t want to go to sleep” routine either.  It was the 1:30 am wake up call with “Mom!  I can’t sleep! I feel so restless! I am so tired but I can’t sleep!” routine.  UGH. When that ever happened I knew we would be in for a long night.  It took hours for my child to calm down, get his mind to stop racing and finally fall to sleep…..with only an hour and a half til we had to get up for school.

I started watching what he ate more closely.  Sure enough, when I removed the foods with red dye (then also finally tied it to yellow and blue after several more sleepless nights) he would sleep. Soundly.

Yikes! If this is what dye is doing to my kid on an occasional ingestion of them, I better be on my toes to watch what else dye is added to. Needlessly, I might add.  Today, I learned about the pickles.  So bummed. We love our pickles.  Time to shop for a dye free pickle.  Wouldn’t that just be a regular jar of pickles?  So you would think!

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