Dashboard Lights

Ugh! When the “check engine” light comes on in your dash board you cringe.  What is the problem? How much will this cost me? I need to find time to get this fixed, too? We know the feeling. It’s a bit of dread mixed with urgency and we feel compelled to get our vehicle into the garage as soon as possible. So, why is it when our body’s “dashboard lights” flicker we ignore it?

Our body speaks to us daily. It reacts well to a good night sleep and poorly to a restless night. Our stomach grumbles and feels bloated and uncomfortable EVERY TIME we eat that “one food” (for me it was dairy).  The headaches we experience, the itchy skin that doesn’t seem to heal, the achy joints and chronic indigestion are all “check engine”  warnings from our body. And yet, we tend to ignore them. Some symptoms may seem small, but when it’s coupled with other common ailments (but not normal) it may be a signal to you to assess  your situation.

Quite often I am told of stomach aches, bloated bellies, constipation, headaches and aches and pains.  We like to think of these symptoms as normal. I am not saying that we can live totally pain free each and every day because we do age as we go through life. However, I am saying that these common symptoms every day, or most days, are just not normal.  Food intolerance’s are a HUGE culprit of causing these type of issues. Other causes can be deficiencies in your vitamins and minerals (magnesium is horribly deficient in most Americans).  You can also be experiencing a reaction to the pesticides and chemicals used on our food as it is produced. (22Q parents, constipation and gastrointestinal issues may be alleviated by identifying food intolerance’s!)

Are you paying attention to the warning shots your body is telling you? Ignoring them for too long can lead to autoimmune disease, leaky gut, brain fog, and more. Take stock. I suggest a diary for a week or two. Record what you eat AND how you feel afterwards. Food isn’t just for tasting good. Food is a source of nourishment, energy and healing if the right foods are chosen.  An assessment by a professional or blood labs can help clarify what is going on in your body if you are not able to pinpoint it yourself.  Paying attention to your “check engine” light your body is giving you can help you live a happier,  healthier life.


For those of you now singing Meatloaf’s song “By the Dashboard lights” in your head…..your welcome. 🙂

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