How a change in routine…really messes up your routine!

We just moved. We had lived in our last house for over 10 years. We have 4 teenagers and a dog. I thought to myself “no sweat, I will knock this packing up and moving out in no time”.  The packing, labeling and trips to Goodwill and other local charities wasn’t the struggle. It was the change in my routine.  I had less time to cook consciously, and less time to get to the gym, and much less time to relax. I underestimated how much the change in my routine would effect me and my daily/weekly goals.

The change in my sleep had a HUGE impact on my success…personally and physically. I wasn’t clear headed to do my Sunday/Prep Day and left myself in a pinch during the week for healthy, nutritious food. I was also not as readily available to my family as I felt in a fog most days due to fatigue.  I also craved more sweets and drank way more coffee than anyone really should consume in a week. YIKES!  Instead of getting to the gym, I did take daily walks and that helped relieve some stress, but I can tell you even without a biosignature measure that my cortisol is high….I carry that right in my belly.

Now we are getting settled into the new home. I have gotten through 85% of the boxes and even made my way back to the gym. I am back to cooking/prepping good foods and lots of vegetables.  I am still working on getting back on a good sleep routine (have I mentioned it’s summer? Summer= Kids out= friends over= late nights). But even claiming back most of my routine has made me feel a bit better. This experience made me really value routine. It may sound boring to some, to live by a routine. But for me it keeps me sane, healthy and rested….mostly.

Routines positively impact anxiety as well.  If you suffer from anxiety or care for someone who struggles with anxiety (most people with 22q Deletion Syndrome do, for example) routine is the key to happiness at times! It keeps your belly happy (by eating healthy foods and taking probiotics, fish oil, magnesium daily) as well as your mood by knowing what to expect.

What routines do you follow? Are there certain days you exercise? Do you have a food prep day? How is your sleep? Discounting how valuable all of these processes are can negatively impact your health. Valuing your healthy routines by making time for them and setting them as a priority positively influences your well being…and you are worth that!

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