Just Give Me a Pill

Easy and Quick. Convenience is King.

As a society we have put value on what is convenient over what is quality. This is true especially when it comes to our nutrition and health.  We have become accustomed to eating within minutes of that first hunger pain, not having to leave our car to get the next meal, or not having to use our cookware for weeks on end to feed our family…..just microwave it. Right?  I am now seeing advertisements for prescription medicines to treat disease that is actually treatable (and can be REVERSED) by nutrition.  We need to take a step back and assess what we are doing to ourselves. What is really best for us? A pill to put a band aid on our health, or bringing back cooking and whole foods to our homes?  It can be a tough change, however, I’d rather do the work now than be 60, 70 or 80 wishing I had made the changes when I was younger.

I was there. When I first considered changing our diets to whole food which would require planning, chopping, cooking, roasting and sauteing, and doing a whole lot of dishes, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to start. But I did start. And so can you. Perhaps starting small is the key. Pick one meal and begin there.

Breakfast is a good place to start. We have been conditioned to believe that breakfast consists of “breakfast foods”: donuts, bagels, coffee cake, eggs and bacon, toast, or just a cup of coffee. In reality, we can choose to eat any food at any time. Starting your day with a salad and protein is OK…..no, really. Try it!  Or how about left over dinner? Or my favorite, a veggie and sweet potato hash with sausage.  Visit my Pinterest Board if you need some inspiration. Just know this. You are making a change and that doesn’t just “happen”. You need to create a mindset that your creating new habits and perhaps learning new things so that you can be a healthier version of yourself.

Need motivation? Picture yourself in 5 years? What do you see yourself doing? Are you happy? Are you active? Are you healthy? Or do you see a more tired version of yourself? Do you still have that same “FEEL LIKE CRAP” feeling every day? Do you still carry around the weight? For me, eating healthy isn’t just about weight loss….in fact I look at weight loss as an unexpected bonus to creating a healthy body that can fight infection with ease and is strong and vibrant. How about you? How do you frame “healthy” in your mind?

I am not going to give you a pill to make things “all better”. I will, however, encourage you to engage in building better routines, habits and choices so that when we meet again in 5 years you can be healthy and strong.  You can do this. It takes time, a positive mindset, and an attitude of “I’m worth it”….because everyone who loves you would agree.

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