How to keep things simple when your crazy busy

The holidays have come and gone and the new year is in full swing. How are you feeling? Rested and ready to tackle the new year, or deflated and exhausted from all the hustle and bustle over the last few months?

We had an incredibly crazy schedule for the holidays. When I first planned it out, I thought “no problem”. In hind sight, I set myself up for feeling depleted rather than regenerated. And the new year? It’s just as fraught with an intense schedule.  I find that keeping things simple when you’re busy keeps you on track. This is how I keep my sanity:


Prep meals for the week on Sunday afternoon, if possible. If not, throw a quick dinner in the instapot.

Take a probiotic, fish oil, magnesium every day. No exceptions

Vegetables with a minimum of two meals per day. Some days vegetables are my meal.


Exercise is assigned to three days per week. I prefer the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. That exercise may be at the gym, a walk with the dogs, or a session at home.

Sleep is a must. Lights out by 10:30 every night to keep up with the insanity.


That’s it. Keeping it simple while the rest of the world is rushing by helps me stay healthy, and gives me the energy needed to keep up.  How do you keep things simple? Are there things that are “no exceptions” on your list too?

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