The Trickle Down Theory

I started teaching my kids about eating for wellness late in the game. They grew up eating mac-n- cheese, chicken nuggets, and pizza.  I think I occasionally threw in some steamed broccoli just to watch it turn cold.  But hey, it made me feel better!  When I realized the power of nutrition and how it truly can impact your entire life and is the first step to wellness, my kids were less than enthusiastic about my new found cooking tendencies.  In fact, I think they stopped eating for a few weeks until I figured out what they really would eat that wasn’t overly processed food.

Here we are, three years later. And I have seen the trickle-down theory in full effect.  Now, don’t get me wrong, these teenagers still crave their Pringles and pizza. However, I have seen and heard my teachings about healthy eating come out of their mouths!  I have heard one child say upon returning from an outing with a friend “Mom, I’m starving! All the restaurants we went to were fried food, and I just can’t do that anymore!” (Insert smug smile here). To another child asking “I need to eat more vegetables, my skin is breaking out!”  No really!! This happened! Crazy, right?

My point is, it may seem like an uphill battle with kids when it comes to eating well, especially if you start teaching them late, like me.  But take heed, they ARE listening! It’s like being kind to others. Your kids may not always be so kind to their siblings, but as they grow and mature they become good friends.  That is due to them watching you be kind to others.  Just like when they see you eat well and hear you talk about why avoiding processed food and sugar is important, it will eventually take root.   I know the real Trickle Down theory is fraught with errors and suspicion of truly working, but this trickle-down theory really works…..I’ve seen it!  Keep on talking to your kids and showing them through your actions.  You are making a difference. In the end, your kids will thank you.

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