I’m angry…and you should be too.

I am angry. You should be too. Just over a year ago I started on my health/wellness journey. Unbeknownst to me, the decision to start working out more seriously has opened up doors to a whole world that existed that I was unaware of. You live in the same place….just made unaware. Intentionally. And this is what made me mad.

I was in pain and not sleeping well at night. Sure, I had gained some weight, but wrote it off to be “what happens when you hit your 40’s”. I reached out to a trainer at my gym seeking to find some relief for my hip pain. He had advertised that he did stretching and a girlfriend of mine had great success working with him. What I wasn’t expecting was the trainer advising that I give up gluten because of the inflammatory properties and 85% of the population has an intolerance to it.

WHAT? I just wanted pain relief and stretching sessions. Now I have to look at my food? Ugh.

I had been dancing around the “GMO” issue by reading an article here and there on it. I still didn’t understand what GMO’s were really….just that they might not be all that great. So, I accepted the challenge. That’s kind of how I am wired….tell me I can’t do something and I’m going to do it BIG. I dug in. I read all I could find on gluten and what it does to your body. I discovered Paleo eating style (think “Just don’t eat any crap”) and researched why it worked and how it worked….which then led me to research dairy. Dear Lord! What has our food industry done?

Then I discovered Robyn O’Brien. I read her book, The Un-Healthy Truth, and was appalled. I had been feeding my family toxic junk while thinking I was doing a good job by getting them some protein and an occasional veggie…..fill in the plate with every snack food you can think of. CRAP! But this is where I can explain why I am angry.

Our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is allowing for toxic chemicals to be not only sprayed on our food, but to become part of our food…..without long term testing on humans. In addition, companies who sell this food have lost all morality. The advertising and marketing of “good for you foods” are a constant in our society. Ads implying if you eat their product it’s really a healthy choice.

“All Natural” labels made out to be something that should be a better choice, when in reality it’s all a lie. There have been some studies done, completely ignored by the FDA, that proves links between sugar and disease. The “recommended daily allowance” of sugar in the U.S.A is much, much higher than in other countries. Red dye no 4 is actually flagged in Europe when it is found in a product so when parents make that purchase they have been warned of the adverse effects it will have on their kids.

It reminds me of the warning on cigarettes.

I feel duped,lied to and intentionally deceived. Our guidelines provided to us by the food pyramid, the “whole grains is good for you” scam, the lack of morality from those developing food (think Monsanto) just pisses me off. IT’S A LIE!

The good news: We are seeing more and more organic, non gmo choices. People can educate themselves on how to eat properly to avoid disease and inflammation. Did you know approximately 80% of inflammatory diseases are environmentally induced. 80%!!!!!!! People, this should be a major wake up call. If we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything. We can choose health by choosing what we put in our mouths.

Learn something new today by reading about our food supply we have in America. Google Robyn O’Brien, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Amy Myers, Sean Croxton at the Wellness Underground…..just start with one search. Read something and learn. Help pull the wool off our eyes. It’s time to demand truth in our food supply.

Eating for wellness is fantastic, by the way. When you train your mind and body to not only think of food and it’s taste, but rather how it makes you feel, your whole outlook can change. I am eating such great food with beautiful flavor that I know is making me stronger, not sick. You can too. Discover the truth today and begin “eating from the earth, not a factory” (Dr. Mark Hyman).

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