Why are you here?

I love to hear peoples stories and how they got to where they are in life.  I have been thinking about what brought me to this lifestyle of wellness.  For me, it wasn’t just that one thing, it was a culmination of events.  When I was first thinking on this, I really thought it was my pain I was experiencing in my hips and back.  But, as I dug deeper, it started before I reached my end of my rope with the pain. This journey started many years ago, I just didn’t realize it.  I lost my mom to cancer when I was 10 years old. She was only 46. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and it was too late to treat her successfully.  She did spend some time at Mayo Clinic in hopes to find something to change the course of her cancer. She passed within a few weeks after that visit.  Then I watched my dad suffer a horrendous death.  He battled Type 2 diabetes, COPD, emphysema and bladder cancer.  Having lost both parents made an impact on me, obviously, but it made me acutely aware of how important your health and wellness are. You have nothing with out them.

For me, it was a sense of fear of leaving my kids before “my time” that finally motivated me to really take a look at where my health ranked in my priorities. As I dug into what it meant to be healthy, I realized how little I knew, and how many lies I have been sold through marketing of big food companies.  As I changed my diet and began to exercise in a way that gave me results (more than a box checked off “yup, I worked out today”) I uncovered my food sensitivities.  First I tried removing gluten. This was a tough one as I LOVED my bread…a lot!  But, as I read “Grain Brain” by Dr. D. Perlmutter, M.D., and learned of his success in his practice, I was able to start connecting dots in  my family and in my health.  Once I had that mastered, I removed dairy.  Quite frankly, I did this as a temporary effort. I thought, “I’ll try it for 4 weeks to see what happens”.   Meanwhile, I got my hands on Robyn O’Briens book “The Un-Healthy Truth”.  Reading Robyn’s book opened my eyes to the dairy industry and what was happening to our milk before it reached us in our homes.  Then I started seeing differences in my body.  My “belly donut” that we can expect to have in our family, started to melt away, my allergies disappeared, and my stomach stopped hurting.  I wasn’t expecting any of that to happen. None of it.

As I learn, the more I am amazed at how little we, the general public, know.  When I feel overwhelmed, I go back to why I am digging into all of this.  My family.  I want to be here for them in a body that has energy, health, and stamina.  How about you?

The largest hurdle in getting on , and staying on, the health train is in your mind.  If your mind isn’t in the frame of doing what you need to do to claim your health, you will struggle.  If you have your mind set on strengthening your body, losing weight, eliminating toxins, reducing your inflammation, you will do the work.  And it won’t feel like that much of effort. Why?  Because setting your mind to it is the hardest part.  So dig in to your story. Discover your why. Write it down, or talk to someone about it.  It may be the piece that’s missing that will give you the courage to take control of your wellness.  Why are you here? I’d love to hear your story.



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